Writing competition – short story – BBC National Short Story Award

The BBC National Short Story Award 2019 with Cambridge University

Key Entry Terms and Conditions

The best 60 stories will be put forward to the judges who will be responsible for compiling a shortlist of five outstanding short stories submitted for the BBC National Short Story Award 2019

The winning award is worth £15,000

There will be four awards of £600 for the other four shortlisted stories.

Entry is free.

The Award is open to British nationals and UK residents, aged 18 years or over.

The submission deadline i s9am GMT Monday 11 March 2019

The story must not exceed 8,000 words.

No more than one story per author may be submitted.

Authors can only enter individually and not as part of a writing team.

The author must have a prior record of publication in creative writing in the United Kingdom.


Judging of the Award will be in three stages:

Stage 1: All entries will be read and judged anonymously by at least two (2) readers against the Award reading guidelines. Readers will be from a mixture of backgrounds, with literary expertise, and drawn from across the BBC and Cambridge University’s networks. A longlist of approximately the best sixty (60) stories will then be put forward to the judging panel;

Stage 2: The judging panel will read all longlisted stories and will together discuss and select a shortlist of five (5) outstanding short stories submitted for the Award;

Stage 3: The judging panel will together discuss and agree on the winning story. In reaching its decisions, the judges will adopt a preferential voting system. In the unlikely event of there being a tie, the Chairperson will have the casting vote.

4.3 Judges are encouraged to read the longlisted stories anonymously, however they are not required to do so. The whole panel will be provided with the name of the author of each longlisted story ahead of shortlisting to ensure all judges are party to the same information when making their decisions. Judges may also see the full list of stories entered to the Award and their authors, in order to call in entries which were not longlisted in stage 1, should they wish to do so.

Shortlisted writers will be contacted personally by email or by telephone.